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Kingsley Junior High

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1. WASH YOUR P.E. CLOTHES REGULARLY. Take them home on Friday, and bring them back on Monday.

2. Keep deodorant (unbreakable container) in your locker and USE IT!!

3. No running or horseplay of any kind will be allowed in the locker room, or coming out of the locker room to roll. COME OUT AND GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR SQUAD. Failure to do so will be considered a TARDY. You need to SIT in your squad!!!

4. No food or drink will be allowed in the locker room or may not be eaten during class time.

5. Use equipment only if the teacher is present and only with specific permission.

6. Do not leave the gym or class area without permission.

7. Report all injuries to the teacher IMMEDIATELY.

8. Make sure locks are ALWAYS LOCKED.