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Kingsley Junior High Track Rules

We look forward to another exciting and enjoyable track season with our student athletes from KJHS.  Practice and meets are always subject to change due to the weather, so we will try to keep students and parents updated of changes to the schedule with as much advance notice as possible.  Through the Google Group, website, and school office announcements will be the primary method to communicate any changes.

These policies and rules are directed to the athletes and their parents/guardians. The intention is to facilitate expectations proactively. Please read this material carefully. If you have questions about a specific policy or rule, please ask one of the coaches. We will try to address concerns honestly and thoroughly. Each athlete and parent/guardian must sign and return the attached form. Until this form is on file, the athlete cannot participate in practice and/or meets.

Eligibility:  KJHS track team members are students first and athletes second. Therefore, we will hold all athletes accountable for their eligibility in order to be a productive part of the team. Receiving any two “D’s” or a single “F” in any class will result in being ineligible. Excess ineligibility, two weeks ineligible, consecutive or nonconsecutive weeks, will result in dismissal from the team.

Excused Absences:  If an athlete stays home because they are ill, they cannot participate in that day’s meet or practice. This is an excused absence. Similarly, if they are absent the day before a meet, they should also not expect to be in that meet.

For example, medical appointments, unless it is an emergency, must be made in advance in order for an excused absence to be granted. This should be done by e-mailing one of the coaches or handing them a note at least one day prior to the absence.

·             If they become ill while in school, they should make sure a coach is notified.

·             If they are not in school, a coach should also be notified.

Unexcused Absences:  Attendance is an important part of being on an athletic team. Therefore, unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Students who receive in school suspension (ACE) will be given an unexcused absence and will not be allowed to partake in practice or meets. Also, an unexcused absence will be given to athletes who fail to bring proper clothing and shoes for practices and meets. Another absence is unexcused if an athlete misses a practice or meet for a strictly personal reason. A player should not expect to be in the next meet if an absence is unexcused.

Students will be removed from the team after the:

§    3rd unexcused absence OR

§    3rd unprepared to participate for practice or meets OR

§    3rd combination of either

General Rules:  A player must attend classes all day and dress and participate in PE class to be eligible for a practice or meet.  Additionally, a player must participate in and complete the prescribed practice for the three practices leading up to a meet to be eligible to compete. Students leaving early from a meet with their parents must sign-out on the sign-out sheet before leaving. Students may leave with other parents if they have a prearranged note from their parents, but they still must be signed out on the sign-out sheet. Those who do not have a note or a parent at the meet will ride the bus back from the meet.

Tardy (Before & After Practice):  Track practices will start right after school. If students are not dressed and ready by 4:00 pm they will be tardy if they do not have a pass from a teacher. After three unexcused tardies students will not participate in the next meet.

After practice students should be picked up in the North parking lot and after meets in the South parking lot, no later than 15 minutes after practice or after the bus returns from a meet. We will try and get students to call as we are on our way home from away meets. Please make arrangements to be here when we get back. Athletes will be removed from the team after the 3rd time they are picked up late from practice or meets.

Proper Warm-ups & Cool Downs:  Each day in practice or meets, students will have to participate in proper warm-ups and cool-downs. The failure to participate in either will result in a dismissal from the team.

Attitude:  The coaches expect the athletes of KJHS to enjoy meets and practices, exhibit good sportsmanship, and listen to the coaches’ instruction. A positive attitude in both practices and meets are an absolute requirement for anyone who wants to compete for KJHS.

Support & Representation:  Parents and friends are most helpful when they support, encourage, and cheer KJHS track team members. Athletes, family members and friends are asked to treat opposing players, coaches, and the starter with courtesy and respect. The athletes and coaches at KJHS represent the community and our school. We expect that we will be representatives of whom the school and community can be proud.

Hustle:  Every athlete must learn the importance to put forth effort, hustle, and sportsmanship if he/she is to make the most of their potential. The coaches expect every competitor to hustle and give 100% at all times! 

Good behavior is mandatory at all practices and meets throughout the track & field season. We will NOT tolerate any type of disrespect, bad sportsmanship, or bad attitudes. Each instance will be handled on individual merit by the coaching staff.